Beneficiary Deed - *$125.00

Quit Claim Deed - *$100.00

Disclaimer Deed - *$100.00

Revocations - *$100.00

Promissory Note - $150.00 - $200.00

Shared Well Agreement:  $300.00

Other – Please call for additional services regarding real estate matters.

*Does not include Recorder's fee of $30.00; all fees are subject to change.


Divorce Without Children – (Default or Consent Decree) - *$650.00 flat fee

Divorce With Children – (Default or Stipulation and Consent Decree) - *$800.00 flat fee

Response to Petition for Dissolution, Modification of Child Support, etc. - starting at *$400.00; additional if Response to Petition for Temporary Orders  or other pleadings required

Petition to Establish/Modify Paternity/Legal Decision Making/Child Support/Parenting Time - *$700.00

Petition to Enforce - starting at *$350.00

Termination of Income Withholding Order of Assignment (Child Support) - $250.00 if agreed; $350.00 if not

Prenuptial Agreement – starting at $350.00

Trial preparation for Family Law matters – compilation of exhibits; preparation of Pretrial Statement, Rule 49 Disclosure – fee tbd at consultation

*Filing and service fees not included; all fees are subject to change.

GUARDIANSHIP/CONSERVATORSHIP - $600.00 + Filing/Service Fees


LLCAccording to the Arizona Corporation Commission, the expedited filing fee is $85.00.  Current publication fees are approx. $55.00.  These fees are subject to change.

Our fee for formation of the LLC is $400.00, which includes the expedited fee.  We will check desired LLC name availability, prepare and file Articles of Organization and Consent of Statutory Agent and arrange for publication of the Articles of Organization.  For an additional $25.00, we will file an application for your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) with the IRS if you so desire.   An Operating Agreement will be prepared upon request and incurs an additional fee starting at $300.00.

We are also here to assist you with amending your Articles of Organization or taking the necessary steps to terminate your LLC, file change of Registered Agent, etc.  Fees begin at $125.00.

All fees are subject to change.


NAME CHANGE - $300.00 + Filing Fees - all fees subject to change.


power of attorneyGeneral Durable Power of Attorney - $75.00

Medical Power of Attorney - $50.00

Mental Health Power of Attorney - $75.00

Special Power of Attorney - $75.00

Revocation of Power of Attorney - $75.00

Parental Power of Attorney - $75.00

Living Will (End of Life Care) - $75.00

*Individual fees shown; discounted fees for couples; all fees are subject to change.


Informal Probate (with or without Will) - *$1,250.00

Proof of Authority of Foreign Personal Representative (for Non-AZ residents owning property located in the state of Arizona) – *$500.00

Affidavit of Succession for Real Property - *$600.00

Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property -  starting at *$200.00

*Plus court fees and publication fees when applicable; all fees subject to change.

Living Trusts*TRUSTS                                   

Trust Agreement, Certificate of Trust & Pour-over Will - starting at $850.00

Amendment to Trust & Restatement - starting at $250.00

*Initial meeting will be necessary to determine whether or not you will need to meet with an attorney prior to our preparing your Trust.


Individual Last Will & Testament - $200.00

Husband and Wife Wills - $350.00

Add for Testamentary Trust Language - $100.00 Indiv/$75.00 Husband and Wife

Will Package:  Individual - Includes Will, Medical POA, Mental Health POA, General Durable POA and Living Will - $350.00

Will Packages: Husband and Wife - $600.00

Codicil - starting at $150.00

All fees are subject to change.

CIVIL FILINGS (Small Claims Court; Justice Court):

Complaint & Summons - TBD depending on nature of the cause of action

Response and/or Counterclaim - TBD depending on nature of the cause of action